First Time Investors

Things to remember before making an investment, and how to get started!

It is important to ask certain key questions about an investment before purchasing.  Here are a few key things to remember before making an investment and questions to ask before turning over your hard earned money. 


Before you invest in any product, it is important to inquire about the following, BEFORE you turn over your hard earned money: 

  • Is this investment registered with the N.H. Bureau of Securities or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Is this investment appropriate for me?  Does it match up with my investment goals and risk tolerance?
  • How can I liquidate or sell this investment in the event I need money right away? 
  • What are the total fees to purchase this investment?  Are there ways I can save on fees by purchasing the investment directly from the company?
  • What are the risks purchasing this particular investment?
  • Where can I obtain more information about this investment?    
  • Can you provide me with printed product information and disclosure information?  

Important questions to ask a prospective financial professional

Is this the beginning of your investment journey?  Whether you recently retired, are planning for it, or have experienced some major life event requiring an adjustment to your financial situation, consider the following key questions to ask a prospective financial professional.  Keep in mind, professionals are more than happy to answer your questions.  In fact, they oftentimes want their prospective customers to know this information.

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Confused by some of the terminology and lingo? Here are some of the more commonly used terms and what they mean.

Confused by some of the terminology and lingo? Here are some of the more commonly used terms and what they mean.

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Ask these questions… 

  • Describe exactly what types of investment products and services you offer?  Are there any products you are not licensed to sell? 
  • What experience do you have dealing with clients who in a similar financial situation as me? How often do you contact them to discuss their investments? 
  • How often will you review my account or make recommendations to me?
  • Tell me what your qualifications are offering those services?
  • What companies have you worked for in the past? 
  • Where is your office located?  Can I visit you at that location?
  • What securities licenses do you hold with the State of New Hampshire?
  • How are you compensated?  How is your firm compensated? 
  • What potential conflicts of interest do you have when recommending investment products to me?
  • How long have you done this type of work. 
  • Can you provide me with any customer references?
  • Do you have any customer complaints?  If how many and how were they resolved?