Traits of a Typical Perpetrator

Understanding some of the tricks and techniques used by perpetrators and how to spot them.


It is important to recognize whether a person presenting themselves to you as a financial professional or seasoned expert is legitimate, or simply out to defraud you of your hard-earned money. Here are some of the common signs of a con artist: 

  • 🚩They will use every trick in the books to convince you to invest, and when they do, they’ll take you for everything you’ve got.   Don’t let it happen to you!   Investigate before you invest.
  • 🚩They become quick friends and take an interest in your personal life.  They may even invite you to dinner or attend events they know will interest you.
  • 🚩They dress for success , creating the appearance of wealth, prestige and accomplishment.
  • 🚩They like to blend in with others and quickly become friends with as many people as possible.
  • 🚩They seem to know a great deal about you, but you know very little about them.
  • 🚩When discussing an investment opportunity, they will downplay any risk associated with the investment.